Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Odd Holiday for June Swap

For a swap where you pick your favorite odd holidays I made this bracelet for sewing machine appreciation day. I used Leather for the closer because my partner was alergic to cerain meadals and I thought this was safe east but it turned out that she LOVED IT because it was so arty.
I also made a handy bag to keep things in with an eagle on it for Eagle day. 

Fairy or Gnome house

I made this Garden house for a swap I did that was about Gardening. I received some awesome garden plant markers in that swap. I made this with a large wooden salad bowl I got at a thrift store a long time ago when I only wanted the small bowls but it came as a set. The stem is made up af saplings that I cleared last year but saved because they were straight and I thought I could make a garden fence out of them. The little door was a scrap from my brother fixing my porch swing.

Car stuff

Sorry I haven't Posted in a while May is very full for me.
This is a navigator holder for my brothers car I bought the sand at Michael's in the floral department.then used a drink lid for marking the center shape. the sand worked out to be the perfect amount. the sand was $2.99 but I had a 40% off coupons so it was way cheaper then the 24.99 they want for the ones you can by in the store.