Friday, July 30, 2010

These are stitch markers I made for a swap I got the bottle caps for free from the old fashion soda store at the Mall I put holes in the caps with an Awl and glued buttons to the inside. The buttons I got a year and a half ago 24 for 99 cents. plus shipping. I broke the shanks off the buttons first. I wanted to fill the caps with resin but they seem so heavy when they are. And heavy stitch counters didn't seem like a good plan, so I Just left them as is. I may make more of them as charms but with the resin for Christmas.

This is a wet bag. Not that it is wet mind you.
It is for wet dish towels and dish rags It is lined with more of that Air mattress that you have seen me use here before.  I make dish clothes and so when they need washing I don't have them sitting some wear getting moldy. then when I go down stairs to wash I just grab them all at once. We pull the wash clothes from the bath room and put them in here too.
Here is the flag I made to be flown on the mast of the ship at Pennsic 39. It may only get to be flown on a pole though because the hauler of the ship is faced with physical impairment that will make going to war next to impossible. But I am still happy with the way it turned out


This is a wristlet I made. I used the design of the fabric as the pattern for the beading. It is a day of the dead fabric. I made it for a 44 cent swap. I had the Fabric left over from another project and I always have beads and ribbon on had. I used Velcro for the closer.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sculpey clay

Sculpey clay pendants for a swap. She likes robots gnomes and robots.

Steam Punk pewter casting

I was inspired by Genus Girl web comic to do this steam punk metal casting. The coin looking piece was made when I was warming the mold but I liked it so much I am keeping it and drilling out the hole for a bale.

Little things

there is a part of some of us that has the urge to collect small things. Here you can see some of the small things I collected the silver Lego's from the 25 year anniversary addition of Lego boxes. the miniatures out of my favorite tea. I really want to find that tea again.  and just a bunch of other strange things that would only have meaning to me.

A needle Book for a Dr Who fan

I made this to go in a Basket for a Dr Who fan. She is moving and so I am making stuff for her as a going away gift.

Nature necklace

this necklace is one that is ajustable in the back and clasps in the front. I almost kept it

Peanut Butter Jelly time

I made some Pillows for a swap partner. I already had the stuffing and Muslin. They are one sided but I think they are cute. I almost put faces on them

The World is a creative disapointment to me.

In my years alive I have found that creatively the things I want to create my visions don't exist. I need to have more money at my disposal so I can create the things I want so that I can make the things in my brain.I also need a store to sell the finished things. Which is a goal I have in life. But this is still a ways away, from today but closer then it was yesterday.