Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A little more then Crafts

I post stuff about craft projects in this blog and I don't really do anything else. But while reading my favorit Blog Futuregirl I was thinking maybe I should post a little bit more now and again.
I am working on a lot of things all at once again. in fact I am booked solid for the next two weeks then after that I am booked for the rest of the month to help pack a friend and help her with her new house.
But here in my world Band camp has started for my DD. with school starting in two weeks.
My mom is coming to visit next week. YAY! and I want to take her around. But DD will only get to hang with us in the morning time because Marching band is from 1-9 all week.
I will be taking my mom to the Arch and a Lewis and Clark Winter camp site. She also would like to go to the Botanical gardens and I think she would like historic St Charles. And we will spend at least a whole day kicking around Edwardsville because it rocks. during all this I also have to teach a class on split stitch on Tue and Wed the DH wants to go to dance practice.
I am also hoping that my Dear Friend K will be able to join my Mom and me as we visit some of the sites. She was not raised around here either and so she gets to be a tourist with us.
The DH will be with us on and off because he is helping with Band on two of the days. and he really is not the shopping type.
One morning at least Mom will go shopping with the center of attention being the DD. There is a place called Plato's closet here it is a consignment shop that is really filled with young peoples brands. after the week of visiting the sites I might post photos from our excursions.