Monday, April 30, 2012

 Hello again. Sorry to have taken such a long time off. My life has been anything but normal or easy for quite sometime. I have been crafting but though I never stop. I have slowed down some but I am feeling like I am getting a handle of dealing with life just a bit and want to come back to my world of crafting on the web.
Here you see a fairy door. It is not like any of the ones I have seen for sale. It was only $3 in parts. The parts came from the craft store Micheal's. it is a wooded Frame a Heart wood cut and a hinge.
I sanded everything before painting. I then planed what direction I would do the Triskel. I penciled the triskel then whittled it with my Boy-Scout Whittling knife. After carving I stained the wood using a red mahogany for the heart and a oak on the frame. I then decided which side would be up and husband helped me decide it could look like a leaf. 

 The Triskel is indicative of Mother Nature, Gaia, and of the Triple goddess,  "Mother Maiden Crone" which fae folks are suppose to be attached to that folklore.  Inside the Triple moon is another nod to that again. I did use a moon stone for the door handle. It is also considered to be of the Mother-nature theme too.
I free handed the vine work.The challenge with this project was restraint. I had the desire to turn it into a bright colorful silly thing. I had to be reminded that It could look more like a Magpies nest then a fairy door, & that a fairy would keep their house a little more concealed so they don't get captured.  I tried but couldn't find a good photo to put inside the frame I wanted a photo like looking into a hobbit hole but couldn't find one. So I went with the Idea that it is a magical door into another realm the realm of the Fae.