Friday, October 20, 2017

making laudrey soap befor work

Time to make more laundrey soap.
I quickly though together my washing soda, Borax, fragrance crystals, while I was microwaving the cut up Felps soap bar a min at a time for 4 min in a 1200wat microwave. After the soap cooled I used my hands and powdered the now puffs of soap. Then added it to the mixture and stired till fully blended. I put it in my pretty washing machien box with the Table spoon measuring tool. I use 2 tablespoons of the laundrey soap for a load of laundrey.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

2018 goal

welcome to Oct. in my world that means pondering the end of year and getting ready for the holidays. but also preparing next years life Goals. I am not perfect on these but lets look at some successes of passed life goals.

starting on 2014's put money in savings every week. Done i am up to about 30$ a week this year. we have repetedly tapped into it rather then borrow from family. this wS right after moms stroke.

2015 make meal plans and menues to waste less food and eat better and be less stresssed about dinner.and Graduating with my A.S.

2016 make my bed every day. It was a horrible Nd amazing year filled withgoing to gulf wars and having the house burn down our feienda pitching in to help though all that hell. buying a house. mom dieing. and getring frozzen sholder.

2017 working on home, and the body is our souls home so working on that as well. we did so much to the new house. and Ihave lost 45 Lbs so far partisipated in 2 - 5 Ks. First one walking the second one run walking. got my time down to 42 min.
I also kicked diabetes before i had to take meds for it.
I will continue working on all that came before as always. I intend to work on a buisness. As well as get out In the Middle Kingdom and teach more. Do some light fencing along the way.
So as the sun sinks lower in the sky and we aproch saimhain and Yule you too should reflect on your successes and think of planning a goal. rember a Goal iz a wish if you dont write it down.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Cooking with Strawberry - Vegan Cheese

I have been told you can substitute sweet potatoes for the carrots for a delicious change of taste
for more cooking with Strawberry goto

Sunday, June 11, 2017


For my Dirty Dozen Derby Largesse donation/entry I was going to do 12 entreys for 144 total pieces. Master Philippe challenged me to not do that but put my combine ideas together into one really good entry instead. As such I give you my entry of 12 things combinde into one. 

Leather needle bookwith wool felt page, containing, 
2 penannular brooch (copper)
2 bowfibula (brass)
4 veil pins (steel & glass)
2 hair pins (brass & glass)
And a linen bag. 

I made a leather book by using a awl to poke holes ro sew a peice of wool felt in with sinew though waxed linen would have work as well. I used a soft sided coptic book design that I use to make books with paper in them. I could have made the wool twice as big so that I could have doubled the amount of stuff but with me I would then have wanted to double the amount of stuff. also another page can always be added.

Making the penannular brooches
I used 7 strand naked electical wire that i cut in to 2 1/2" & 3 1/2" leangth 

Using the horn of my anvil i bent the longer peice of wire around to make a full circle

 Here you see the circles and then with the small bended circles on each ends and finaly rebent into a finished circle. I also tapped the whole brooch flat with more force on the ends to help hammer harden the metal
 Making the pins I hammered flat then hand filed one for clean up.
I used the file over the other end of the pin to sharppen the end. I takes about 75 passes with the file to make a sharp pin.

 I bent the flat ends of the pin so that I could use it to hook the frame on and then finish bending the pin around the frame. The back tail of the pin is used to get a better hild on the pinn when using it.

 To make glass headed veil pins i start with store bought pins because they are verry thin and clean and are less likely to mess up the modern fabrics that are used by reenacters.
 I removed the plastic top with the hammer on the anvil
 I have my perscription saftey glasses on with side shields. You always need saftey glasses when working glass in a blow torch.
 Because of their short size you need to use plyers to hold the pins or i used wine corks. But don't use the synthetic ones they melt from the heat. I made 75 and then set them out and matched them up by size in order to make sets that were the same head size. 
Making the  bowfibulars. Using hardened brass wire from the hobby stores train section. I cut 6" leangths. I sharpened the cut end. Again it takes about 75 passes with a hand file.i hammered the other end flat and file it smooth it to a rounded edge. I finger bend 2 at a time to keep them matching. then spinn the spring coil till the leangth of the pin sits at a good location of the clap end. this is about 2 or 3 times. 
Here are the 12 books closed
The 12 books full and open

Close up of one of the books with its contents.
also the hair pins were made with thicker Brass wire they were sharpend befor having the glass added to the other end the end with the glass was roughed up some to better hold the glass I dont work wire after glass is on it. 
I will add a photo of the bags here.