Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Needle books

I am working of needle books this week here are two I have made the Blue one has purple for the inside needle page, and the red one has Black. I am making pins to got with them.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Crafting for a Farmville addict

Golden Gnome
 Farmville Crafts are fun and I was running a swap on crafters for FV addicts here are a few things I have made for the swap and also some I have made just for fun I have more that are half done that I will post as soon as they are done. I went to the store and Bought a second one of the gnomes to be painted and I was telling my husband that I will be painting it gold like the first one to which he replied that it looked fine the way it is and if I could find another one in the store painted gold like this one that would be great.   "????" Honey I painted this one. OH?
Husbands. lol.
Disco ball tree ready to harvest
 This one was harder because of the time of year it would have been easier to make with icicles for a Christmas tree that were blue. there were Easter basket grass and a necklace I got both at a party store.
 A coin purse  and picks punched from a FV card. I made the coin purse to look like a plot pf corn using corn buttons with felt husks and a pul tag also from a FV cash card.  I have a guitar pick punch (My daughter plays) so I punched out pick shapes from a FV cash card I will put holes in the narrow top of them and jump rings then make a bracelet out of them maybe with other charms on it too. I will post it when I do.

I have an Aloe plant that produces many little plants and it was time for it to be divided yet again. so I took this time to make an Aloe Mastery sign like the ones in the game and send an aloe plant and pot with the sign.
Aloe Mastery sign

Glass blob magnets

gold chocolate nuggets maple candy game card plastic gold coins 

cute rubber toys that remind me of things in the game

DD hair colors

 The latest color choices.
She only had these colors in for 3 weeks and then got bored and changed it again.