Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Things I made ar Gulf Wars-3

A leather flask. This is really cool it took days to make. it is sealed inside and out with wax. The cool part about that is it is easy to fix if the seal is compromised. the trick is using vegetable tanned hides. I carved a strawberry on it as a makers mark. I love this I want to make more but that will have to wait for more planning. It will end up being a class I teach at some point in the future. BTW bottles like this sold for $45 The class was $7. it was sewed with linen waxed thread, using a saddle stitch.

Things I made ar Gulf Wars-2

This is a Fibula I added a Lamp worked Strawberry Bead to it I made both in different classes at Gulf Wars. I tried to take many photos to get a good one of the Bead and this is the best one. The bends in the pin are most likely not period but I don't really care because I like it. I wish I had the time and money to take up Lamp working too. But alas there are only so many hours in the day.

Things I made ar Gulf Wars 1

The medallion is the site token. There was a three $ class that aloud use to use the teachers bead stash cording and tools. Me and two of my friends took it because we were board but we each walked away with really nice necklaces. Very different one I might see if they will let me photograph theirs to show you. 

A small Lucet

From Wikipedia-A Lucet is a tool used in cordmaking or braiding which is believed to date back to the Viking and Medieval periods, when it was utilized to create cords that were used on clothing.

This is a lucet I made from a fork that shall fit into an Altoids tin. My goal is to make other such tool that will fit into an Altoids tin and see how many I can fit in one tin. It is things to do during Court. The other goal is to lighten my basket load. I tend to carry a large number of things with me to keep busy and I never know what I will be in the mood to make. Today most lucets are made of wood in period they were mostly bone. 

if you would like to know how it works check out

Lining a snood. I do some piece work once in a great while for Lady Mac Snood. She has me line snoods for special orders for her. It gets me a ticket or to to a ren fair now and again. I do 2 to 4 a year for her.

A Fair Swap

Here are two of the Items I made for a swap that is centered around Ren Faires and such.
The pin is called a Fibula and I used store bought beads that I had in my bead box and a charm I have ad laying around for so long I can't remember(12 or more years) . It reminded me of the Cheshire Cat and my Partner likes Alice in Wonderland so I thought she might like it. The pouch is made of red Leather suede and the Dragon on it is a rubber medallion I got on clearance after Halloween one year for $.50 The leather wasn't that expensive either and yes I had it on hand too. I am trying to use up lots of the stuff I have here so I have more room to organism things. I am also making her a shirt and that will be the swap. Hope she like it. I do have one more of the dragon medallions if I want to make another one.

Absent but still crafting

I haven't posted in a bit sorry I am still busy craftin I just haven't sat down and photoed the things I have been making so her are a bunch of posts to make up for it. here I made another mattress bag for a 3R swap (that is Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Swap)
and also a swiffer cover from old stained up towels I have a lot of though because of me and my tea maker, The buttons are from some alfit that gives you extra buttons, a note book of blank paper that was reclaimed because only the top half had been used for fax cover pages at work and the cover is made from the back of a pad and a paper bag from the music store. in that same photo is a dog tug made from old jeans. a Clair's bag, and a magnetic strip from last years calender that is great for hanging kids art on the fridge. There was more but you get the drifted you can check out the link to the list and there is a gallery link from there too.