Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas presants from years past on my mothers tree

I made this ornaments 20ish years ago

 This is an Ornement that came from a pre printed fabric 18ish years ago. I have a full set at my house this is one I gave my mother

Again I made this 20ish years ago

Photos of Lewis and Clark Campus in the snow

The Lewis and Clark campus an be very pretty at times even though I would rather it be smaller and easier to navigate.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Roman Style Bow Fibulae Broches & Penannular Brooches (Cloak Pins)

Roman style bow fibulae brooches were the first safety pins. They were used to hold clothes on. They are strong enough to be used as a cloak pin. I taught these as a basic beginners class on pins. we used hard brass wire and in one here I used a bead that I lamp worked

The second half of the class was penannular brooches (Cloak Pins) using copper wire and or hard brass wire. This style was common in the Viking era however these could be much more ornate or plain as this. These continued to be used in the Britain area though out medieval times.


Medieval Wire Ring

 Here is a ring I taught in class this weekend at the Midrealm's first Fire Arts Symposium  {Barony of the Flame} [Vine Grove, KY].
It is based on a ring in the Antiquities collection of
The Scheme's logo
see link below.
 Date from: Circa AD 550
Date to: Circa AD 800
What I find most interesting about the original find is that it is in square wire. I used cheep round German Silver plated copper wire for this one.

Here is a simpler, similar one that appears to be in round wire


Monday, June 10, 2013

Coptic books and silver lamped worked rings

Well a last week a BAD storm came though and with wind sheers up to 100 miles per hour and lightning strikes we were with out power for 2 days and 2 nights. I used this time to catch up on some things I wanted to get done. I pulled out the blow torch and put glass beads on the ends of some silver coated wire then turned them into rings, and assembled some Coptic leather books using 100% cotton resume paper. Then I got a little fancy and make the smaller one with the bead closure (made by my Friend Dee Vargas who is a amazing bead artist.) and I used seed beads on the side binding just because. This has lead me to start a project to make 50 of these to be used as site tokens for your Barony's event this Sept "For Hands" I think I will use Blue thread and skip the seed beads though.
the books that are here and the rings were sent with Her Excellency Caroline de Mercier to Lillies War for her to distribute as she wishes. I believe her intent was for them to go to the musicians that perform at the Dance she hostess there.

Basic Rules for Gluchouse

Basic Rules for Gluchouse
By Lady Mwynwen Ysginidd called Strawberry
This is a basic put and take game.
numbers on board are
there is no 4  
To start you put a anti on space 7 (the wedding)
The number are based on rolling 2 six sided dice.
roll  3,5,6,8,10,11 put a anti on the space if there is not one, If there is something on the space you take it.
roll 2 (the Hog) you take all the pieces from the board except those on space 7(the wedding)
roll 4 it is a free turn you neither win nor lose anything. In period this would have been paid to the house\innkeeper
roll 7 (the Wedding) you put always.
roll 12 (the King) you take all from every space and everyone who wants to keep playing has to re ante up to the wedding space.

Often the best way to think of the special spaces rules are by the common pictures on these spaces.
a hog hogs the winnings,  the wedding you always bring a gift to the wedding couple, the King has rights to tax everyone.
At any time you can allow someone to join in if you like simply by anteing up on to the wedding space or you can have them wait to join till someone gets a 12 (the King)

             the traditional board is drawn like a modern hop scotch board
                                                I           I
                                                I    12   I
                                                I   IWI   I                      
                                    I           I           I           I
                                    I   11    I    7     I     3    I
                                    I           I        I           I
                                                I           I
                                                I   10    I
                                                I           I
                                    I           I           I           I
                                    I    6     I     9    I     5    I
                                    I           I           I           I
                                                I           I
                                                I    8     I
                                                I           I
                                    I                 2                I                                  
                                    I           (^@^)~             I
                                    I                                   I

You could however place on a straight board that has the 4 missing or just ignore the 4 _____________________________________________________________


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Bread & Jam With Coffee

 This is the project I did for Intro to Art Appreciation. I save things to use for art or what ever. I started saving plastic bread tie things because i just think some thing that useful has to have other uses. and they do you can use then to label cords to re seal cereal and such. I had paint from War-hammer painting laying around and the wood and wood sealer as well as a brass screw and soda tab. around the edges I cut up Starbucks gift cards. (all were used I ask for them when I go in and they give me the used ones behind the counter)
I don't love it but I don't hate it. I think my favorite thing about it is the name. My Husband felt it was a perfect way to make a hanger it just competed it.