Friday, April 20, 2018

(Un)Official Gaming Authorization Card Midrealm Challenge

The challenge is put forth to the Kingdom of the Midrealm to go forth and learn and teach games, fill this card out as you go for each game you play (Past plays do not count) Play all the begining games (and two of the Tafl games) plus one advanced game in the categories that have them.
Your prize awaits you a lovely handmade pin 

(Un)Official Gaming Authorization Card

Dice Games - Beginning
5’s & 9’s
Ship, Captain, Crew (NP)
Knuckle Bones
Cowry Shells
Sticks (NP)

Card Games  -  Beginning
As Nas (NP version we play in MR)
Board Games -  Beginning
9 Men's Morris
Fox Games
Tafl Games:
Hnefataf,   Ard Ri
Brandub      Tablut
Tawlbwrdd Alea evanglii
 Nards, Tables, Backgammon
Dice Chess
4 or 7 player Backgammon,
Bagh Chal
­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­(NP) Means I don’t have a period source for this game
 Created by THL Mwynwen Ysginid Called Strawberry
for her 2018 Midrealm Challenge

Sunday, April 1, 2018

not hlass things I made Feb and March

I made 3rd place in a 5k in my age group

I made a water mixer for the English style faucet in the basement for my daughters aptment

I made a t-totem and a pouch for a gambling set I donated for a charity fund raiser


the pouch again

I only have a kitchen aid since the fire and the daughter needed a mixer. lol I made the person over 21 years ago too

made some sewing thimble rings pewter mold and such

made a puch madialion

I found rocks with garnets in them

coal on the shore washed up from the scranton new york habor canel closed

Just beads I have made lately

Just glass things I made.... in March.
some pony beads my first bottle and a memorial bead

univers bead

beads for the challenge pins

challenge pins

I ran a 5K these are a gife for the group I ran witg montra is we are fluffy clouds

frogs one to represent a Master friend of mine who made buttons for a lauraling cloke

more challenge pin beads

these went on a laural madalion necklace

back half of a dabber for my daughter

Swiss, German,Spanish & Italian, and frencf playing card suits. and one extra cup/ challace

wax stamp for The Barony of Shatted Crystal

signiture beads for lauraling cloak

Just photos of beads and glass things I made in March
strawberry glass buttons

memorial bead. Cremated remains added to glass
glassbeads in use.

I am making some of these every day 2 to 4. 

not bead Blown glass bottle over flame


not beads, Mazapain


Stirling and lampworked beads for Heather Hall my favorit artist and reseracher

SCA Glassworking flame station

I have decided to make a glass station that I can take camping that might be as theyvused in 1500's based on my research
Traditional Glassworking Techniques page 17
For the bellows I will more then likely try and figure out a side by side or over under set up. If I do side by side I will use a piston based on the ones use for mining and smelting from Georgius Agricola De Re Metallica. 

Georgius Agricola De Re Metallica
page 180
a close up of page 180

Georgius Agricola De Re Metallica
page 365


Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Designing a Shattered Crystal Pilgrim Badge Part 1 of 2

I have been wanting to design a Pilgrim Badge for Crystal Ball as a semi standard site token, the Idea being that it could have a hole in it that a date could dangle from it. This is my learning piece I haven't done one of these before. I am reversing the pin back so it is poured into from the top down here it is still backwards and that is what is causing the hole in the front. After I am done and it works I will weight it and then decide if I want to remake the whole things smaller which I might do just because I can and to see how small I can make a piece. I also may play with trying to make one that is lacy on the inside on a frame work of the diamond. But I don't know if I can make the pin back work the way I want so I will cross that bridge when I get to it.
Thank You Master Philippe for the advice of the mold and pin back.