Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Finished Fencing Helm

My fencing helm with Chaperon all though I started out with a hood that is rolled for the Chaperon I altered it later to get it to look better. The reason I needed to alter it was because I didn't make the Liripipe on the hood as long as it needed to be to hang out after the hood was rolled. I sewed it to the Mask. My husband thought I should wire it but I would rather the thread brake then the fabric, so I did not.
Here is a link to the Hats history and variations.

Friday, July 22, 2011

German beaded Willow madalion German beaded Willow madallion

German beaded Willow medallion  the size of a half dollar

Tree of life pendant with seed beads

For a swap I made a tree of life pendant this is only my second attempt at these. I make it much smaller then the first one. it is about the size of a nickle I like the first one better.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Getting Garb made for war and Fencing

My freshly painted mask

A fencing doublet I made for My DH the sleeves are attached

The sleeves are done in the Leine style of his Irish persona. 
I added an elastic draw strings to the sleeves to gather the wrist and there is a hoop that slips over his thumb that keep the sleeve firmly in his glove. I gathered the sleeves before sewing on the trim then I sewed them into the tube that they are. I then added a reinforced piece fabric to the under arm as per armor requirements. then I gathered the sleeve enough to fit the arm to the doublet.I think it needs some gold piping. But all in all it looks good and he is happy with it.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

leather sack

By taking a circle of leather and cutting it you can make a net bag. I think I may have bade this one bigger then needed it can hold a half gallon of Juicy Juice

Thursday, July 7, 2011

beaded circlet

This is a 4 ft long necklace that is really designed to be a circlet. First you wrap it back on it's self then you fasten it. It does also work as a necklace and a bracelet too. I used glass pearls with black glass large seed beads, and small silver seed beads , and Alexanderite (green stone).

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Crochet hook roll

Every crocheter will eventually need a place to store their hooks. This is a hook roll it holds 20ish hooks (small hooks can share a pocket so it can hold much more then that) it rolls up and you tie it then it can either go with you or be stored. This way you can forget where you put all you hooks at the same time.

Felt Poodle skirt

Every little girl should have a Poodle skirt. this one is made with Felt that is made in the USA with recycled materials (plastic bottles) I sewed a couple sequins on and used plain ribbon for the leash  The poodle is a patch from a store. I made a pocket for elastic in the waist and have a Velcro closer. I left the pocked for the elastic open so that it could be sized for the child.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Another Coptic book

for this Coptic book I tried to make a leather peacock feather on the cover.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Blue Monks Stone, Also know as; gold stone

I was able to locate some odd shaped beads of Blue Monks stone. I thought they were cool in there strange shapes. I assembled them into some semblance of a pendant and strung them with some cristal beads that had a peacock mirror treatment on them. My Daughter thought that with it being so dark that the seed beads should be very bright and colorful and I think it was perfect.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Triple moon Pendent

I couldn't find a triple moon pendant and when I did they were sold out on back order and wouldn't sell me the display model. Lucky for me in that same store I found Moon stone beads that were half circle discs and a moon stone bead so I made the triple moon out of then and strung them with more moon stone and some full moon medal beads I bought else were. I then made a bracelet and I bought a moon stone ring also to make it a set. I really like it and thought about keeping it. I am not sure if I can reproduce it because I don't know that I can get more of all the different types of moonstone so it is one of a kind. all it needed was earrings too bad I didn't have more moon stone to do that but that might have been over kill.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Another Farmville Craft "Disco Tree"

                                    This is a Hoopla I made for a Farmville swap I ran. I used a necklace  that I cut up for the disco balls. and as you can see the tree is ready to harvest.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Leaf veil pins

These are the first leaf veil pins I have made they are for a friend who loves LOTR's and is in the SCA with me. I made 8 in case some brake They are getting better each time I make more.

Apple Tree of Life

 Here you get to see a rough draft and a finished project. I had never made a tree of life pendant before and so I tried it and it didn't come out nice so I cut it all apart and tried again with a different way of starting You can see the original that inspired this,
By Phoenix fire @
You can also see how much better the second one came out.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

match box swap

 I downloaded a template and printed it out on card stock then drew and colored on the box.
I stuffed it with stuff, crafted is a polymer clay piece a wire ring and the 3 twilight guitar pick made out of a gift card & resin pendent filled with beads

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Needle books

I am working of needle books this week here are two I have made the Blue one has purple for the inside needle page, and the red one has Black. I am making pins to got with them.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Crafting for a Farmville addict

Golden Gnome
 Farmville Crafts are fun and I was running a swap on crafters for FV addicts here are a few things I have made for the swap and also some I have made just for fun I have more that are half done that I will post as soon as they are done. I went to the store and Bought a second one of the gnomes to be painted and I was telling my husband that I will be painting it gold like the first one to which he replied that it looked fine the way it is and if I could find another one in the store painted gold like this one that would be great.   "????" Honey I painted this one. OH?
Husbands. lol.
Disco ball tree ready to harvest
 This one was harder because of the time of year it would have been easier to make with icicles for a Christmas tree that were blue. there were Easter basket grass and a necklace I got both at a party store.
 A coin purse  and picks punched from a FV card. I made the coin purse to look like a plot pf corn using corn buttons with felt husks and a pul tag also from a FV cash card.  I have a guitar pick punch (My daughter plays) so I punched out pick shapes from a FV cash card I will put holes in the narrow top of them and jump rings then make a bracelet out of them maybe with other charms on it too. I will post it when I do.

I have an Aloe plant that produces many little plants and it was time for it to be divided yet again. so I took this time to make an Aloe Mastery sign like the ones in the game and send an aloe plant and pot with the sign.
Aloe Mastery sign

Glass blob magnets

gold chocolate nuggets maple candy game card plastic gold coins 

cute rubber toys that remind me of things in the game

DD hair colors

 The latest color choices.
She only had these colors in for 3 weeks and then got bored and changed it again.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Why my DD doesn't ask me to make her pizza

This is what happens when my daughter asks me to make her a frozen pizza.
She was not amused. which made me even more amused. she said "Really?" Really, mom?"
That thing it is on is a bread stone it rocks for frozen pizza. I then cut up the face and she and my DH ate the head. :)

small gnomey

 I am participating in a small gnome swap I picked a Item off my partners wist list and then recreated it in a medium I liked better. I used a plastic Easter egg (from the collection down stairs waiting for the Easter bunny) and covered it with air dry clay then painted it up like the stuffy on her wist.
I also made an art card. which i then used as the front a a card to go with the package. the swap was a three point swap the time I took making and painting the gnome is a large but I like it and I really think he is cute. oh also I out plastic beads in the egg so my DD says it is a gnome maraca.
I used Citadel paints. They are the paints for Warhammer miniatures. They cover better then any paint I have ever used and they dry very smooth