Sunday, August 30, 2009

Something crafty

Amber forgot the Guitar Pick Bracelet at her friends so I can't photograph it today.
But I said I would put something up that was crafty.
This is a scarf I made last Xmas for my dear pirate friend.
She has been into pirates even before the pirate craze swept the nation. This is the second attempt. The first one I used 1/4 yard pieces this one I switched to 1/8th yard strips, it was much better. It is about 12inches wide minus the seam allowance. I put double fold bias tape at each end.
I used 6 fabrics the five 4 skull and cross bones and a checky then the harlequin on the back. It is extra long so she can wrap it around her head as a hood as well as her neck. I was a lucky break because I had already started making it when her sister told me she was having trouble finding her a scarf for Xmas that was long enough. It was good timing because I was going to cut it down because I was afraid it was to long. I used the Diamond pattern from the back to quilt the fabric.
it is subtle and it adds a thickness with out the extra layer. I am making myself one it is half done. It is a level of funky
that when paired with a nice outfit, fits well like a funky tie
on a man in a nice dress shirt. If I thought that cotton would make a nice tie I would make one like this.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Guitar picks and Pot Roast

Amber and I hung out today we went to the mall. She got a new tu-tu and some other things. we were looking at bracelets she got dome jelli ring ones ( the same ones we wore in the 80's) and we say some guitar pick necklaces. She said she didn't want that when we had the rainbow of picks at home we bought to make her a bracelet that was unique. So I was feeling guilty that we got them before school let out in the Spring. So I make her the bracelet. It is looser then I would have liked but she wanted 7 colors and we had to reduce it to 6 so it wouldn't fall off her wrist. It is nice though if I do say myself. I gave it to her before taking a photo, so if she doesn't lose it, I will take a photo of it and posted it here tomorrow.
Today was pot roast for dinner even with the weather still being warm during the day it was nice. Even Amber ate it. so Tomorrow I will turn it into strogonoff. I still have not figured out what to serve with it. I also pulled the chicken out so it can defrost and be ready for Monday.
I will try and take photos of craft projects finished and in progress tomorrow and post them.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


I find myself needing to plan out dinner again now that it is fall. During the summer Amber is a shadow here as she passes thought with a friend on the way some were. But with school for Jim and Amber there is a more formal schedule. So I have a list of dinners that we can pick from.
With considerations for Amber's and Jim's dislikes. Tonight was Steak (for us) & honey mustard chicken (for Amber) I made Corn for all Carots for Amber and I Green beans for Jim and I and Brusle sprouts for me. It is the only way I make sure Jim and Amber each get some thing in the form of a veggie with dinner. I also refuse to accept corn as a veggie it is a grain and a starch but not a veggie.
Jim found a stake Marinade on the web site he cut it in half. It was great but next time he will cut the cayenne a bit more then that. It wasn't super hot but I don't like my steak peppery at all.
Here is the recipe he used

Steak Marinade in the Style of Applebee's

Ingredients -

4 sirloin steaks
4 cups water
4 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce
4 tablespoons soy sauce
1 teaspoon ground oregano
3 teaspoons meat tenderizer
8 teaspoons minced garlic
8 teaspoons chili powder
2 teaspoons onion powder
2 teaspoons cayenne pepper
4 teaspoons ground black pepper
4 teaspoons paprika


Whisk all the ingredients together except the steaks until the marinade is smooth.

Add the steaks and leave to marinate for 2 to 4 hours in the refrigerator.

(Makes 4 Cups)

the other dinners I am planning are
Baked spaghetti
whole chicken with veggies
bottom roast with Veggies
Beef stroganoff (I haven't worked out what will go with this yet)
perogies with fried onions
Parmesan chicken with veggies

That is the list so far.

Lunches for school

Due to circumstances We currently qualify for free school lunch. However due to food sensitivity we can not take advantage of it. This sucks! but it has taught me how to make a lunch that my Teen will eat. even plan for the month and set up most of the stuff the Sunday afternoon so only the stuff I don't have back up containers for is all set to go.
Example set up:
box on raisins
a chocolate chip granola bar (chewy)
a pack or 1/4 cup all natural made with 100% juice "fruit snack bites"
an all natural Smooched fruit leather
a pudding cup
a apple sauce cup (also all natural)
three fun-size candies
To this will be added
one frozen juice
5or 6 cheese cubes (she like swiss, cheddar, and mozzarella)
pretzel crackers with peanut butter (all natural)
and a fruit ( grapes, pineapple chunks, pears, Apple slices, Strawberries with brown sugar, melon etc.)
veggies she likes green beans fresh, but will take snap peas too, cucumber, pickles etc.
there are a lot of variation.
I try to use reusable containers. but I do start the year cheating which apple sauce in cups.
I count the fruits and veggies to get as many as I can in to her.
the fruit bites and smooched leathers I buy count as a half of fruit each (which is why I buy that brand) Apple sauce is one then she gets one from the fresh or canned fruit, and one from a veggie That make 4 if she eats the rasins that make 5 and I call that a good day. Plus I try to serve her 2 veggies at dinner.
she gets protein from cheese grains from granola, some times from Peanut butter (she doesn't like fruit spread on it)
I am currently shopping for better containers to put Apple sauce and other liquidity foods in that are single serve size. This is not an easy task.
More on this later

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

these are fake flowers but the bug is real

I love taking photos.
here is Amber at the Ren Fair

This is one I took in Arkansas. This dragon fly just buzzed around letting me take photos of it . This is my favorite one. I had never seen a dragon fly with this color or pattern before.

Another day in the wonderful world but...

It wasn't a bad day but I was grumpy. I get that way when My Baby is in pain, she is 13 but she is still my baby.
It started okay at fire stone getting the ball joints done. I was thinking as I walked over to the mall from Firestone about the people driving around trying to find a closer spot. I was thinking that they don't realize how luck they are that they don't need the handicap spaces and how lucky they are to be able to walk. On the way home I realized that the next big fix will be the roaders they are warped this causes a shimmy when I break you feel it in the steering wheel. Not a cheep fix by the time I am done the car will have been rebuild. I hate pouring money into the car like this but I have to make it last. I also need to replace the fuel filter that is $100 and it could use a fluid flush it is at 113000 after all.
Amber's Dr appointment was a waste of time I wish I could just use the ER as her DR. it is better then her Dr He is as good as a nurse practitioner (who are good mind you but are not Dr's) He gave her a script for double strength Alive. He also gave us a referral paper for a Physical therapist which it turns out is useless. they need a prescription for physical therapy and will call us back in two days to to schedule. I hate them all I am calling a new Dr in the morning to move Amber to. He also said that one the strange dark shadow patch isn't anything and that if it was Addison he would be able to tell the second he walked in and then he said he has never seen one patient with Addison. He said what did the RA Dr say to witch I pointed out that she said we are not her problem. I also pointed out that the Endocrinologist thought he should look at it first. When I switch I will ask again. I did have a good dicaution to SCA meeting about thyroid, adrenal and Endocrinology. It seems there are different specialist in the field for example common are thyroid and diabetes specialist but there are thyroid and adrenal ones and it sounds like that may be what Amber need. I hate being on public aid. when Jim had insurance we payed for the top coverage that aloud us to go to what ever Dr we saw fit that took our insurance (or we could file our own paper work) I could cut out and save more money by going directly to the Dr we needed instead of going to the General practitioner who then says, ya you should go to a specialist.
I did more for Amber's stomach by ignoring the stupid Dr's.
Ok lets have a positive day I think I will follow this post with something crafty

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tune up and tires and ER's Oh my

Well my week is fuller then expected. I spent 6 hours yesterday at Firestone and was then suppose to go back today but Amber had a trip to the ER for the back. I walked all around the out side of the Mall while waiting for the car they did the struts and springs and two new tires. now they have to re replace the ball joint that was bad. they replaced the ball joints in june but one of the parts must have been defective. All this was when I just thought I needed an oil change and a tire rotation and and alignment. But I payed to find out why it went out of alignment so fast and had a shimmy well did I ever find out. I payed 1300 in June and now 966 I think the car has more in parts and labor then it is worth but it needs to last for 3 more years. and the best cars are old ones that run good even if they aren't blue book at high value. it has over 113000 mile on it I got it at 33000 in 03 and it is an 01 Ford Taurus. Whats more is it gets better gas mileage know then it did when I got it.I get about 26 mile to the Gallon or better on trips.
I have the oil changed and the tire rotated every 6000 miles. ( I use high mileage oil) My June bill was the master cylinder. when in there for my oil change I asked them to find out why the brake fluid was leaking I had to add more because it had gotton so low and I could see the leak (thought slow) And new ball joints with an alignment. I rotated the tires but the bad front end already did there damage and so this time I replaced thought tires. I should mention for the prices I pay I get life time alignment and tire rotations. Which is why I daon't skimp on the tire rotation. and that I drive to NJ and AR at least once a year each. every time they rotate my tires they check my breaks. This time I payed they 21.95 and had the 21 point inspection and they found out I had a busted spring. You always do them in pairs and the set of springs and struts are cheaper then separate and it is not a great Idea to do one and not the other if you want them to last. the Ball joint is being warrantied out so that is free. But it still takes 3 hours. That was what I planed to do this morning.
Jim woke me up because Amber wouldn't get up because she said her backs hips and knees hurt.
I decided to take her to the pediatric ER at Cardinal Glennon Because all of her tests and xrays are there. They rocked! Amber said "wow that was the best answer from a Dr in a long time" We get a lot of I don't know and lets wait and see. they want her to see a physical therapist and take anti inflammatory. She is off Gym and Marching band till cleared from the Therapist, and she start using a wheeled back pack (I got clearance for her to store it when she needs to in a teacher because it won't fit in her locker). Also just to see if it is adding to the problem she is to get a bra fitting. The Dr thinks that we were treating the pain but that was masking what was causing it till she really pushed herself to much to the piont that pain killers wouldn't work any more.
It's like twisting your ankle then taking pain killers and going jogging. You will probably make it worst. So we are happy to have a direction.
So tomorrow I will be back at Fire stone in the morning and at Amber's Dr in the afternoon.
I have to go figure out diner now because we have SCA tonight and I am casting drop spindles out of Pewter. Yay!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Family and Friends Holiday gifts.

With x-mas coming I am also thinking of gifts for the family and friends but that are practical and cheep. My Friend Val says she can help me make a cook book card. She is good with the graphic designing but we will have to see what time she has, as she is a single mom and just started back to collage and takes care of her mom. But if she thinks it is fun then it is relaxing and I won't feel bad about her helping. I am also croqueting for people wash\dish clothes and car cup cozies they work great, and maybe the head band or two. I am always looking for the cotton yarn on sale and clearance. I had planned on going to a wedding over x-mas but life was not fair to my friend and it has been put on hold while her love get chemo. But we have decided to stay home and not travel. Brad will be home for the holiday and we will just hang her in E-Ville.

School supplies & X-mas shopping

Despite planning I had to buy school supplies. This year the teachers all wanted individual 1 inch three ring note books. I also had to get a scientific notation calculator for Amber. And Jim Needed spiral bound note book. This is all I have bought though I already had loose leaf paper on hand and pens and Pencils. I did how ever take advantage of the sales to get poster board so I have it when we need it. I am watching the sales for more spiral bound note books for next semester. I have a box with supplies that I keep in the basement for when we need them. I buy generic stuff when I see it on sale or clearanced at a good price. I had to be ready before we left for our trip to AR and NJ because Amber went back to school the next morning when we got back. I also learned my lesson from last year and didn't go by the school supplied list. During registration there was a short list that was made by her teachers available. Jim just gets note books for each class and then sees what he needs later. Amber revived some money from her God mother and she get hair dye. She wanted black but I wouldn't let her go darker then her brow color (which is almost black) then we bleached the tips of her hair all the way around. It was accidentally her fathers idea, he was being sarcastic when he said it. I hope he learns his lesson. I like it. but know she wants to add color to the tips. To do this we will need to bleach out the tips more. but she may not wait for that.
I myself use henna and I add Olive Oil to is to condition my hair even more. It is messy like using finely ground oatmeal on your hair. but I like it and it looks good too.
I am thinking ahead to X-mas. I have to start putting stuff on lay away so we can have a nice holiday. I like the Jesus rule Jesus got three gifts on his birthday. and if it was good enough for him it is good enough for you. and like the tree gifts they represent the same. gold, Frankincense, and Mir. one gift is the thing you really wanted (hence the layaway) one in practical (like mir which is a pain killer) and one has a more spiritual significances. I also have Jim's B-day in Oct and Brad's B-day right after Xmas. so lay away it is. Sears and Walmart do layaway so does Kmart. I will be looking up who else does it. For Amber the list that I will be picking for her big gift is a folding couch for her room so when friend come over they can sleep there, a stereo, or a camera. I am leaning to the stereo because that was her request. She would love an mp3 player with docking station but that is out of my price range and I think she still wants a cd player in it.
I will look aroung at sears while my car is at Fire stone getting and alignment and oil change and the tire rotated. I have life time alignment and rotation at fire stone so I will print a coupon for 10 off the oil change and that is all I will pay for unless a tire needs replacing. I think there is a JC penny's there too so I will see who all has layaway.
While on that side of town I will be stopping at the Asian market to get some chop sticks to cast drop spindles with. But more on that after I make them Tue. I have a long list of things to do first is go to bed. Good night.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

And so it begins...

I couldn't come up with some creative name, there are too many things that this blog will be. It will be crafts, recipes, helpful hints, etc. some things are things you could find eals were if you have time to go find it or care to.