Wednesday, January 27, 2010

reusing or up cycling a heavey cream comtainer and a juice bag

Up cycling as apposed to re using is when you re-purpose something so that is stays out of the land fill and doesn't require energy to recycle it.
I make the Caprisun pouch into a snack pouch for snacks like Bunny crackers, and the heavy cream too. you can see how I cut them and I made sure they were cleaned and dried.


I made a few 4th century Coptic book recently two were as 12th night gifts for my Friend Khadagon (her SCA name) and one for me the one for me I added pages the were printed from a template from
These are very easy books to make and I will be teaching a class on them very soon.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Mug Swap

In the swaps I am doing this is the Mug swap. which is funny because the thing not in this post is the Mug. I made a tea wallet. A reversible yarn bag. It is designed so that is can have one skein of yarn in it and you can pull the yarn from the top there are pockets all the way around on both the inside and the outside. (remember reversible) it is opposite colors on the inside. there is a hair stylist charm Bracelet (guess what my partner does for a living) There are stitch markers and a stitch marker carrier that is a crocheted flower, she is also a crocheter. She likes earthy and green so I hope I pick out good colors for her. I got her a stainless steel mug, I will post that next week if I don't do that tomorrow. I did have to get material for this project a half yard of each of the green. I had the yarn for the flower, I also bought the charms and clasps that I used for the stitch markers. Oh yah and Chocolate because every thing is better with it. I had the bracelet I had got years ago and planed to use the charms for a pin for my mother but she quite doing hair and went to nursing instead. Most every thing was on sale clearances or I had a coupon to get is 40% off or more. I try never to go into a craft store with out a coupon in hand. every thing fits into the pockets of the bag and it is so small when it is all gathered I hope she is surprised as she unpacks it.

Book Mark Swap

I am doing a book mark swap through I am one of a group of five. we make a book mark for each person in the group and send them out. so you get 4 book marks sent to you.
The Moon one folds over a page and has magnates on the back it is made from paper and translucent lame'. The Rose is leather. The dripping Blood one is leather with beads The Fabric one is a translucent lame' with sequin flowers sewing in to it.
They are all trying to match something I found intriguing in the book selections of the person they are going to. the rose is going to a mystery fan,there is a drop of blood falling from the thorn it reminds me of a cover of a mystery book. The Blood is going to a Vampire fan. the sequin one is going to the fantasy reader, and the moon is going to the swap partner that baffled me the most. I hope they all like them. For this swap I bought the Moon sticker that was it. I did also have to replace my sewing glue. but that was something I had been planning on doing any way I use fabric glue when ever I want a strong flexible glue that can take temp changes.

Friday, January 8, 2010

another wash cloth

I love these colors. so even though I was going to keep this one there is a friend who also was admiring it. She thought it was to pretty to use and I am learning that there is no point in filling our lives with things that are to pretty to use. we are all worth using out nice stuff. I will be giving her this and telling her to use it and enjoy it, because she is worth it.

CD case and Pick case for Music Girl

every week when we are running out the door to guitar lessons my DD can't find herself a pick or the CD she needs for lessons. I made her a this case for the CD it has a Velcro strap that firs around her strap to the guitar carrier case (not shown here) And I made her a Guitar pick case too it can go on a strap by itself, I also mad a strap on the front of the CD holder so it can be attached there too. She hangs her guitars when they are home. she loves being able to pull them down and play especially if her friends are over. Close at hand means, in hand more.