Saturday, November 21, 2009

Christmas stocking Exchange

I am involved in a Christmas stocking Swap. I do Swaps now and again through This is much of the stuff I sent to my partner. 1st the beads I glues pompoms too I made to sets for her. They do sell these ready made but they are only 3 yards I still have enough pompoms left to make me a set 10 yard long.
I found snow flake wire ornaments in silver and so I had to send them there are 5
A Makes Apron. It is made from Linen and thick muslin. I keep linen by the bolt for my costuming. and then I have left overs >I get it when I have really good coupons or there is a really good sale. This Fabric is maybe 4 years old the Muslin is a left over scrap from a Easter costume for my mother in
I also have a bunch of Blue linen (purple and black too) from my 11th Anniversary. It is from matching Garb that my family have. I used it for two wall hangings a menorah and the Hebrew word or "Joyous festival"
I also made a block bag with it. It is lined with a plastic table cloth the one I got to make school lunch box and reusable bags for lunch.
The small cloth buckets are made from Up-cycled denim.
The stocking is made from Fabric I fell in love with when My friends DD was born she is now 6ish. I made her a baby blanket out of it and had to get a little extra because I love it. it is variegated and sparkley. I crocheted the top of the stocking with a yarn I bought just for this project. The seasoning is for a recipe I sent for Best Brunch Casserole. A family favorite that we make for holidays. and it calls for a seasoning that isent avilable just any were, "Boeu Monde"

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