Saturday, April 17, 2010

Flag 3

This is the Third but not final flag I made. This one I embroidered the hair of the Mermaid. As a result of this (embroidering through 6 layers of fabric) I have DNA on it lucky for me I managed to only ever bleed on the red.
The style of all three flags are in the medieval guidon which is a field battle flag. It is my interpenetration of it.
I think in period that the Kingdom might have been the same size as the other fields. Also I use the Midlands Dragon almost as a supporter. I really like this look I think it brings a unity to it since the branch of the Army is the Midlands. I would love to see each group in the Midlands make something like this. and when not on the field have them handing around the perimeter of the Midlands Encampment at the Wars.

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