Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Triple moon Pendent

I couldn't find a triple moon pendant and when I did they were sold out on back order and wouldn't sell me the display model. Lucky for me in that same store I found Moon stone beads that were half circle discs and a moon stone bead so I made the triple moon out of then and strung them with more moon stone and some full moon medal beads I bought else were. I then made a bracelet and I bought a moon stone ring also to make it a set. I really like it and thought about keeping it. I am not sure if I can reproduce it because I don't know that I can get more of all the different types of moonstone so it is one of a kind. all it needed was earrings too bad I didn't have more moon stone to do that but that might have been over kill.

1 comment:

  1. You did an excellant job on this, I would wear this and I don't wear jewlery.

    Very nice.

    til next time.