Monday, January 6, 2014

A Very Tudor Christmas at the Fort

The mantel was lined with the Ivy, Juniper, Blue Spruce and Holly then Pomegranates and Cloved Oranges laid about with candles in Glasses. a small Greenery sag was hung above the mirror that is in front of the candles on the wall. Mulled Wassail Cider was kept near the fire for every one to drink.

 I made the swag that hangs from the beam of the ceiling  with all the same greenery by using large, long. thick pieces of Ivy I was able to use less wire to assemble the swag.

I ran a wire across the door with the Ivy on it to hag the kissing ball from it.  I didn't have a willow in my yard so I used Wisteria vine for the base frame of the ball.

All the shelves I adorned with the greens of the season.

An Ivy and Juniper wreath hung on the door with some small swags on either side of the door as well. It shaped itself as a heart, I didn't do that.

A Kissing ball was hung but only not very used this time It was made of Ivy and Wisteria vine, with some brass bells in side of it.

The Wreath on the wall is made up of Holly, Ivy, Juniper, and Blue Spruce.

This last photo we have electric lights hooked up so we can see our cards as we play board games and games.

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