Monday, May 30, 2016

Entering A&S first things first

For writing your information about that it is you are doing or making the first step is to read the Criteria. This cannot be said enough. 

The rules for entering are also wise to be read but there are many things missing which Judges are not always aware of and sometimes it will hurt your score if you don't realize they are unaware of them.

For example all face to face information can be included as documentation. 
You can make changes to your project between Regional and Kingdom faire. 
Example of this mistake is when I was judged lower for removing the flower on a carved card stamp because of I felt the suits fit better without it.  And that I wasn’t trying to achieve an exact replica but the feel and style of the playing cards that were the inspiration piece.

I will also be posting the judging sheets that I received back to further help with the learning curve here. 

I find that not knowing what to expect caused more anxiety then the fair did for me. so I hope to help you alleviate some of that.

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