Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Mug Swap

In the swaps I am doing this is the Mug swap. which is funny because the thing not in this post is the Mug. I made a tea wallet. A reversible yarn bag. It is designed so that is can have one skein of yarn in it and you can pull the yarn from the top there are pockets all the way around on both the inside and the outside. (remember reversible) it is opposite colors on the inside. there is a hair stylist charm Bracelet (guess what my partner does for a living) There are stitch markers and a stitch marker carrier that is a crocheted flower, she is also a crocheter. She likes earthy and green so I hope I pick out good colors for her. I got her a stainless steel mug, I will post that next week if I don't do that tomorrow. I did have to get material for this project a half yard of each of the green. I had the yarn for the flower, I also bought the charms and clasps that I used for the stitch markers. Oh yah and Chocolate because every thing is better with it. I had the bracelet I had got years ago and planed to use the charms for a pin for my mother but she quite doing hair and went to nursing instead. Most every thing was on sale clearances or I had a coupon to get is 40% off or more. I try never to go into a craft store with out a coupon in hand. every thing fits into the pockets of the bag and it is so small when it is all gathered I hope she is surprised as she unpacks it.

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