Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Book Mark Swap

I am doing a book mark swap through I am one of a group of five. we make a book mark for each person in the group and send them out. so you get 4 book marks sent to you.
The Moon one folds over a page and has magnates on the back it is made from paper and translucent lame'. The Rose is leather. The dripping Blood one is leather with beads The Fabric one is a translucent lame' with sequin flowers sewing in to it.
They are all trying to match something I found intriguing in the book selections of the person they are going to. the rose is going to a mystery fan,there is a drop of blood falling from the thorn it reminds me of a cover of a mystery book. The Blood is going to a Vampire fan. the sequin one is going to the fantasy reader, and the moon is going to the swap partner that baffled me the most. I hope they all like them. For this swap I bought the Moon sticker that was it. I did also have to replace my sewing glue. but that was something I had been planning on doing any way I use fabric glue when ever I want a strong flexible glue that can take temp changes.

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