Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Fair Swap

Here are two of the Items I made for a swap that is centered around Ren Faires and such.
The pin is called a Fibula and I used store bought beads that I had in my bead box and a charm I have ad laying around for so long I can't remember(12 or more years) . It reminded me of the Cheshire Cat and my Partner likes Alice in Wonderland so I thought she might like it. The pouch is made of red Leather suede and the Dragon on it is a rubber medallion I got on clearance after Halloween one year for $.50 The leather wasn't that expensive either and yes I had it on hand too. I am trying to use up lots of the stuff I have here so I have more room to organism things. I am also making her a shirt and that will be the swap. Hope she like it. I do have one more of the dragon medallions if I want to make another one.

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