Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Absent but still crafting

I haven't posted in a bit sorry I am still busy craftin I just haven't sat down and photoed the things I have been making so her are a bunch of posts to make up for it. here I made another mattress bag for a 3R swap (that is Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Swap)
and also a swiffer cover from old stained up towels I have a lot of though because of me and my tea maker, The buttons are from some alfit that gives you extra buttons, a note book of blank paper that was reclaimed because only the top half had been used for fax cover pages at work and the cover is made from the back of a pad and a paper bag from the music store. in that same photo is a dog tug made from old jeans. a Clair's bag, and a magnetic strip from last years calender that is great for hanging kids art on the fridge. There was more but you get the drifted you can check out the link to the list and there is a gallery link from there too.

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