Monday, February 21, 2011

small gnomey

 I am participating in a small gnome swap I picked a Item off my partners wist list and then recreated it in a medium I liked better. I used a plastic Easter egg (from the collection down stairs waiting for the Easter bunny) and covered it with air dry clay then painted it up like the stuffy on her wist.
I also made an art card. which i then used as the front a a card to go with the package. the swap was a three point swap the time I took making and painting the gnome is a large but I like it and I really think he is cute. oh also I out plastic beads in the egg so my DD says it is a gnome maraca.
I used Citadel paints. They are the paints for Warhammer miniatures. They cover better then any paint I have ever used and they dry very smooth

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