Friday, February 4, 2011

The Rapunzel Scarf swap

 The Rapunzel swap is a swap that you send 3 people 10 different pieces of yarn each 10 feet long. You yourself receive 30 pieces 10 from 3 different people. then you braid them all together to make a scarf. . Think that I would have made the pieces 20 feet long instead because the scarf is not thick enough for my liking. so I doubled over the yarn I got and made a scarf half as long as intended.  Oh you can send Ribbon or fabric instead of yarn. I did a mix when sending.


  1. cute I'll bet you could, what I call finger weave a larger one, (finger weave-to use 4 or more strands to creat a braid)

  2. I also saw were the recipient used stabilizer and sewed across the yarn instead of braiding it.