Friday, April 29, 2016

Arts and Science Fair 2016 A.S. 50

I have done 5 projects Toward the A&S faire that seem very simple but that is the art of them is that they look simple.
1. Dice made of antler
2. a deck of cards made with block printing
3. Tee-Totum, a wooden top
4. Maple box.
5. Taught how to Play Nodde

Though these took time research and planning in general the work wasn't hard. The hard part was the right ups. GOD I HATE THAT PART. my final ones look well polished but they took more hours then all of my project themselves.

In the Beginning..... there is an idea. an Idea of what you want to have, and what you are willing and capable of making. so you take this Idea and go to the A&S Criteria and see if you can fulfill them..
Yes really. It makes your life easier if you do that first. it helps you make decision about what you are going to use to make your items.
when you get the things to the point that you are ready to make your item take lots of photos of the process people love this Judges love this and it is fun to look back and remember how far you took something from.
I got inspired from Master Philippe. His kit for the SCA is the BOMB! but it wasn't always. He told me the story of a challenge put out to make your kit 10% more correct. but he went further with it with the goal of being able to camp in the enchanted camp grounds.
I thought that with the SCA reaching 50 years that it is time that some of us step up our games to be more period.. Yes the amazing part of the SCA is that we allow good enough. But that doesn't mean we should settle for it.
 As such I sett out to do the Pentathlon for the A&S Fair with one thing in mind my Persona. So I came up with a planned theme a Gambling set.  this had many different ideas should it have coins and a coin purse in it. but that would be 7 items total. then I also had to stick with the rules of the A&S faire so five projects with at least 3 different categories for the Pentathlon entry.

But why the faire? Well some of us just work better with dead lines. It is the procrastinators matting call. I really do craft best with a dead line. art shows, holidays birthdays, you name it,

But I am a masochist. I didn't just set the goal of the 5 projects and write ups of I set the
personal goal of new garb (LONG OVER DUE) and a food spread to go with it. I did most of what I set out to by regional but not the clothes they weren't ready. and I only had homemade citrus peals and mazipain. By Kingdom I intend to have the rest.and I still had a great spread which was good because I never left the room during the day except to use the rest room

This also helps my over all goal of at least making my kit 50% more period correct by 50th year.

I research the garb for what I am calling middle Tudor. Husband is going for Grace O'Malley's father's clothes. so this fits us perfectly.I set about making  A TUDOR GAME SET.
and clothes from this time period.
Garb being a linen shift and a linen kirtle, with leather shoes and a coif to round it out.At the time of this writing I am still working on the clothes.

 Now all of this is a lot and not to make things any more fun let me tell you something about my self. I have EDS. (not erectile dysfunction syndrome although I dont get them that is cause I am a female) I have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Type 3.  look it up you will see that it is, an inherited connective tissue disorder, EDS is a chronic pain disease, with patients suffering daily,Many sufferers of EDS have psychological difficulties as a result of frustration with the medical system and the socially inconvenient combination of appearing normal while being in severe pain. 

I am crazy, well I have Adhd and get very mad at my limits and so this is how I Tell them to fuck off now and again. I also have a very forgiving husband who owes me so He is my support agent.

and to add to my life if you go a little further back in my blog you will see I moved my Mother in with me and became her care giver after her stroke. And the Husband is living week days in Chicago while I am near STL for his Job.
Ok I might but Crazy.

But that all being said I have the projects done and the write ups too. I have people who Edit for me because I am a dyslexic and Spell check cries when I use it. some times I use Google to spell and make sure the word is indeed the word I meant. (My mother read to me and had my listen to read along books as a child and I believe I owe my abilities to read to this.)

So My Readers this is were we begin I will post each of the 5 papers for you with the beginnings and all the edits and the finals. I am proud of them even if they aren't perfect they are gems and all gems awesome to me (I love rocks) and in the end I have a gaming set that I love and am proud of so there is not losing or wining because I already won.  and I love gaming so yay me.  and I can make cards to use of the throwing range to play games with weapons even better!. Life is a journey make yours a scenic route!

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