Friday, April 1, 2016

Arts and Science fair.

Hello there, I have been off the blog radar for a while now. Life got rough around 2012 and has never gotten smooth again. But we have a new normal and I might be getting the swing of it. (we will see) So I am Entering the SCA Midream A&S Fair and I am doing it to teach and encorage others to lean about it and how to use it to be better reasercher and for Persona building.
As such I am posting the stages of the entrey write ups of my 5 Diffrent entries and I am doing them each simmilar but diffrent
This was both inspired and brought on because of a few reasons. This it the 50th Year of the SCA. There are many 50 year projects abound. I keep giving mine away so oh well. I decided that Master Philippe had the right idea in making his kit smaller and more period. As such this has been an on going project for me to emulate this year. To do this I have Flushed out my Person better and shifted the Time period forward to fit in the Tudor times. With that comes new garb and other things. I now have a second tent for when I go camping with out my husband so it is smaller and I can set it up alone (even with the very hurt sholder) But it looks and is a period design.
Keeping with the making my kit more period goes my new back round story.
 Here is the gist of it

The People of Wales are proud and determined people, hardy and fierce in their pride of self and their cultural history. I am a proud Welsh woman both in life and in Persona. My persona, Lady MwynwenYsginidd was born to a family that her father raised sheep and tailored her mother tailored and brewed, & she is a red headed female not as common as some think in the country. As such her name translates to red headed woman (Mwynwen) tailor (Ysginidd). Red heads are considered an even more fiery and fierce bunch, added to her Welsh. She married a sailor, Irish though he was (may her mother forgive her, for a father can’t stay mad at his daughter for long, though her mother silently thought her daughter was a good curse to put on the Irish). Mwynwen found she had much time to herself in marriage when he was out to sea. She wanted to be near the port where her husband was in and out of. So the pair took up life in the port where she took her skill at home brewing for the family to a slightly larger crowed and opened a small respectable brew house, were games of chance and games for fun can be played to while away the time. She enjoyed games of chance and loved collecting and learning new games that her husband and the other sailors would teach her.

    This is what inspired me to make a Tudor gaming set. In it will be: dice made of antler, A deck of cards, a teetotum, all stored in a wooden box. Along with these projects I researched and learned to play the game of Nodde which is the game that Cribbage was based off of. Together that makes 5 projects for the A&S fair. 
I have decided that It is easier to post this all here rather then Facebook. so over the next few weeks I will post bunches here for any who want to see that nother starts off clean and polished. And hopefully it will inspire people to take a leap them selves as well.

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