Friday, November 3, 2017

Bullet Journal 3 of 3 My Diet Journal

I like the look of the postit notes I just do I love to collect quotes when I am in a mode they are there for me 

one way yo track my weight lose is a race track that I fill in a box for each lb lost

so I have two other way to track my weight loss one is from the beginning of the year besides crossing out the weight I circle the total lbs lost so I can see it at an instant
The other is since I started the 20/30 Diet. same I list the total lbs lost and the weight

Here I listed inches down and weight change
The diet I am on is about changing your relationship with food most people eat to deal with emotions 

this page didnt work for me I hate logging water and daily stuff

failed for the same reason as the last page this is just not who I am

more quotes

this was a thought experiment with lists Because I am a list kind of person and knowing your strengths are a big plus

finding something that works I don't mind writing down my weight most of the time more so then texting it to my coach. And the Quote that has stuck with me the most the this one. Realizing it is not about what you cant have and such that is is my choice and I have all the power and it is just how I use it has been my biggest strength.

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