Friday, November 3, 2017

Bullet Journa 2of 3

I set up a list page for each month

As time moved on I made it Opposite a Drawn calendar page

I have 2 today lists one is for my SCA projects some are long term goals and reminders

I have a done list too because some times things come up quick and I do them with out putting them on my to do list and I need to remind myself what I have gotten done

Bigger project for the house that are more now and not always on other lists

Tracking weight lost so I can see how far I have come when things are moving slow

tattoo Ideas

Tattoo Ideas 

Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo decides appointment made

My project to do list by room of the house Crossing off things that are done

My big done list for the house and mundane things for the year
the progress of books the purple one is my diet book the middle is my current Bullet Journal and the little one was my first attempt and is not my shopping list book

some times I get a little artsy 

a simple goals list different then a to do list the weight one has ten lb increment boxes to check off as I keep going closer to my goal.

we did two trips this year and You don't see the post it notes I used to track and plan each trip I didnt want permanent pages for those things
I have already started my 2018 Goals List page and I have made half of the years calendar pages and started adding birthdays and SCA events.
I will start a new SCA to do list and more projects to it.
This helps my mind rest I tend to even keep the list book next to my bad so if something crosses my mind before I go to bed or first thing in the morning I can write it down and not forget it this helps my mind rest so much.

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