Sunday, February 28, 2010

Felted Dryer Balls

While on crafters stalking the "frugal living swap", Felted dryer balls kept popping up. So I went researching them. They sell plastic or Rubber ones but, every were I read about them they crack after 3 months of use.
The other thing I saw was that people just use wool yarn and make a ball of yarn and felt it in 3 different layers as they add more and more yarn to them.
I used a raw wool fleece that I hand washed with baby shampoo and removed the vegetable matter from the fleece and while it was wet I wrapped it with some blue wool roving that I have a pound of. In all the directions for making them they put them into stockings and washed them in the washer then put them through the dryer. I don't have any stockings on hand but I do have Nylon tulle so I used that and some cotton butcher twine to wrap them up before putting them in to the machines with the dirty clothes.
Now supposedly they help your clothes dry faster and they reduce static and make your clothes feel like you used fabric softener with out the chemicals. I made these for my sister Joanie because I love her :) I will be mailing them to her. I do need to make some for me. However my dryer decided to stop heating so I might have a delay on this. Lucky I live across the street from a laundromat. Any one now a good Dry repairman?

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