Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Lamp worked headed pins

Finished second batch
 The way that I go about making these is to take a  corsage pin and remove the top plastic piece (I crush them with pliers) Unlike making beads on a mandrel. there is no bead release needed.
These are mushrooms they are going in the project bag needle case I showed you yesterday.
I also make these as hair pins for use in costuming  (garb) in The SCA (Medieval Reenactment) yes I stick pins in my hair to hold it up. I tend to blunt them a little before this use.

First Batch Practice


  1. Very creative, I would have never thought of this. Would you be interested in thinking aout stitch markers? I use a safety pin to mark the first stitch of a round (crochet term) I would like a decorative one to mark the round with. I just do not have the time to search for one, or create one of my own. I like the work you are doing with the metals. Could I interest you in a challenge to create a marker for me?
    Thank you, I really enjoy keeping an eye on your blog and look forward to your posts.
    'til next time

  2. Let me think on what would be a perfect one for you I have a few thoughts.