Wednesday, February 5, 2014

For Her, For Me, and For Show "My Mothers cats"

Ruby, Calvin and Dott

Dott is the spunky one that I often refer to as my monster. She follows me around and gets into what ever I am doing.

Ruby is Fluffy and demur and tolerates humans but prefers the company of cats. she follows Calivin around and tries to get his attention.

Dott loves to get under things and into things Bags, Boxes, the Bed

Her favorite toy is the fishing pole with the Feathers on it. I hooked it up with the couch so she always has it to play with but she sometimes pulls it out and brings it to the room I am in.

Ruby Loves the fishing rod with the ball that rattles a little and likes to play when she thinks no one is looking

Ruby and Dott are sisters they play together and they bath one another and fight over the catnip too

Calvin is 13 or 14 years old "him is a good hansom Kitty."

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