Sunday, February 16, 2014

Made a rice heat pad

Rice heat pad I sewed up three sides then sewed them again to be sure they were secure then I sewed 2 in apart all the way along the peace so that they were open on one end. I poured the rice in to the different tubes that were made. I tamped the rice in tight with a chop stick.  I left 2 inches free at one end. I sewed across that end then I folded the fabric beck on itself twice like a seem and sewed it again.

this make for a very flexible heating pad. I place it in the microwave for 5 minuses for very hot and three minuets to reheat it. We wrap a hand towel around it so it is not to hot against the skin. It almost seems to be moist when it is heated. this was also stale rice so it was less wasteful then throwing the rice out.

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