Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Suet & Seed & Birds, Oh My!

So I made bacon a week ago for Brunch and I made Tomato sauce  a few days ago. With that in mind I now have left over fat. I never am one to waste if I can use something. I would make soap but I am not set up at my mothers to do so. This only leaves Bird Seed Suet Cakes as the alternative.

You can find directions all over the inter net for this here is one site. http://birding.about.com/od/birdfeeders/a/simplesuet.htm
 I pour off the fats into a can or sometimes even a mug that is lined with aluminum foil. this time it was a beet can I store it in the refrigerator
I melt it back to a liquid state by the double boiler method (I put the can just as it is into a pan half full of water and then heat it on medium till it is almost all liquid)
I use tongs to pick up the can and pour it in to the bowl of bird seed.

I mix them together the fat and the seed till there is no dry seed.
I then pour it into trays I used a mini cup cake wrapper and some take out containers I push it into the mold with the wooden spoon I used to mix with. 
I will place these in the refrigerator and when the cool the will be stuck together. Now this is a soft suet and is not as hard as the type you buy.
I will use an onion bag to hold the finished suet I can hook it closed and hang it from a tree or a shepherds hook. I might just give this to my niece with a hook to hang it out side her window. 
Here it is with the mini muffin bird seed suet block in the bag hung from one of the ever green out back by a window near my mothers room. Just in time for a big snow storm.

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