Saturday, October 21, 2017

Bullet Journal trials and successes 1 of 3

 I have 3 bullet journals the first one is my beginning attempt at the idea. and what I learned about myself, what works for me and more important what doesn't
I started with dreams of grandure

House chore cleaning list I can say I wish I was better about doing these.
list of bills to pay
we switched to using excel for this

I have been good working on a goal list. this helps still my mind a bit I can even have a page for a project. This helps me so much.
The "ToDone" list is a tadah list really it helps me remeber all the things I have gotten done. 

SCA todo list

things that cost that I was saving for.

I had dreams of illustrating my recipes. we will see if I decide to try this again this year who knows I am not holding out hope.
Tomorrow I will show you My second attempt. Much better still using it.

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  1. i love you to read your post thanks you so very much