Monday, February 1, 2010

Cloth salvaged from a house fire.

I have not suffered the effects of a house fire myself. I have however seen what it is like thought a friend. and even thought only one room burned really bad, the smoke damage and water damage thought out the whole house is tremendous. most every thing was garbage, and you never get the smoke smell out with out removing the walls. and the water in her basement from the fire house causes more damage and mold if not treated right away. This material is from a case like that. It has permanent marks but you can also have this happen to material if you leave it on folded for years with out unfolding it and folding it differently.
I had cut out material to use as a lining for the Mattress bag you see next to the cloth bag. but decided I didn't want a lining because I would use the Blue bag for refrigerated goods. so I took the material and mag a smaller cloth bag by using what would have been the sides and bottoms as a handle and just sewing back and front together then squaring off the bottom corners. I braided the handles for comfort as well as strength. I won't be putting canned goods into this bag but it should hold up okay under normal use. I have a strange like of the pattern it reminds me of Holly Hobby, or Little House on the Prairie. Both child hood loves of mine. Which I am finding that most tom boys didn't hate things that were girlie as mush as we like things that weren't considered girlie. And Laura Ingalls had a tom boy streak in her, which was my favorite thing about her.

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  1. You make the coolest things. I liked Jo, in Little Women and Little Men, because she was a tomboy, too.