Monday, February 1, 2010

"Tired of Shopping inflation" Air mattress Shopping Bag

For a challenge on the Website I have made a reusable shopping bag from an item that would normally go to the land fill. This was an air mattress. It would not hold air any more the holes in it were on the seam line so a patch would not stay. (thank you children) I refuse to throw it out because I just knew I could use it for something. I made and extra large grocery bag from it. I didn't want bottom corner seams so the sides and bottom are all one piece. I will be making other things and some more slightly smaller bags from the remaining plastic of the mattress. I will more then likely be lining some of the smaller ones. I choose not to line this one because I will be using it for for cold stuff and the sweat and moister will get on a cloth lining. I thought of this as I neared completion. However I had already cut out a lining from material that had been recovered from a fire so it was damaged and stained. so I made a cloth bag from the pieces I had already cut out. I will be adding a link to the contest page voting is between Feb 8 - Feb 15 2010. so please register log in and vote for my project.

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