Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Spa swap ='s Lotion Bars

I am doing a spa swap but the Stuff I receive is for Amber. She is into facials and girly stuff. But It does bring me back to a time when I liked taking better care of my self. back when I traveled the country and lived out of a tent and a truck.
These bars are extremely easy to make.
1 part-ish bea's wax (a half cup ish)
1 part-ish Joba oil (I used less of this because the small bottle was 1.5 oz
1 Part-ish shea butter (3.5 oz)
5 to 10 drops of oil (I used tea tree for its healing properties)

I don't have a double boiler so I used a can and one of my stainless steel pots. I have an awesome one from when we first got married (15 yrs ago) that has a aluminum bottom. I wouldn't dare use the Teflon coated ones. You have to melt every thing really well or they say that the shea butter will get grainy. It is best to pour into cool molds because the oil can separate if they bars cool too slow. I used silocon cup cake molds that U use in my DD's Bento Box. I got 6 cakes I am sending 3 out with a swap. I will use at least one for me. My DD won't touch them because she hates tea tree oil. I may make another batch in the future with eucalyptus which she loves.
you can just hold one in your hands for a min and it will melt some off. I look around the internet and found a recipe then adapted it with what I know of oils and plants to make it a little less expensive and also smell the way I wanted, but still be a great lotion.

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