Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Another swap

I am sending this set out in the Nov Birthday swap. I am not receiving Just sending in this one. I participated in the May Birthday swap and I received from people who were not getting anything so I wanted to pass on the deed. I have to admit every thing is from my stash. Meaning I didn't buy anything just for the people. There are two persons I am sending to. When I picked them they didn't have anyone eals sending to them and that is why I chose them. I also knew I had stuff that was on there lists. Package 1 is going to the Netherlands and Package 2 is going to GA.
I made the Buttons (I have a Button Maker)
The Metal Buttons are mostly plastic they're going to someone who works at Renfairs and like Steam Punk, The squares of fabric are 4 inch and they are stacks of each type for her to put toward making a patch work skirt. The jewelry I either won in a silent audition charity swap or won as a prize in the SCA. Then there are random bits for trim. I either got them and they are left overs or they were in remnant bags. I made a bag to ship it in.
The second set are random Buttons, and some sparkly trim bits and crochet face scrubbies, some strawberry beads,then a big stack of felt. and some smaller felt remnants (the felt is made from Recycled Bottles by the way)

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