Friday, December 11, 2009

A hat to Go with the scarf

I am working on the beret hat for my DD it will match the scarf I just finished for her. The only difference is it wont have the furry yarn in it.
I was instructed to start from the head band out, then in, so when I get the the center I can just cinch it together. Here is the start of it.
In order to make this I needed stitch counters. I made some real quick with a two piece strawberry bead and a head pin that has a large decoration on the end. I will be putting these on to a hanging earring so that they will close and lock in place, but will open for movement as the project progresses. However I didn't have any on hand, so that will wait till I go to the store. I add one stitch as I go around at each of the the stitch counters. I will show you the progress as I go.

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