Monday, December 28, 2009

more samples of new pattern

While the artist is working out the kinks in her pattern to get it to look the way she intended it to. Here are two more samples based on the revisions. The first one is a straight up sample with an error on my part which is why they edge is not perfectly straight. the second one is an adaptaion of the pattern in which I do another two rows then at the end I go all around the piece to give it a finished look as a wash cloth. Also with the solid color yarn you can see the pattern better. I really do like this pattern and I like the Author's version of the Popcorn stitch, because I don't have to remove my needle from the work to finish that stitch. I think that, I would like to, figure out how to do this pattern so that the popcorn stitches are in a different color. so don't think this is over yet. and when she is done with the pattern as a whole I will be doing a scarf and I will post it here too.

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