Thursday, December 31, 2009

Resolutions of 09 & things to come 2010

I like to look back and see what I have accomplished for the passed year as I prepare to move forward into the next. I managed to do 7 of my 10. I think that is pretty good. I keep the file on my flash drive so it has less of a chance of catching something and dieing. I am still working on my list for this coming year. But I do have a list of projects you will be seeing in Jan.


1. Get into my armor and to fighter practice (I am 36 and haven't fought since I was 21)

*2. get to SCA meeting at the new group where I live now

*3. get to dance practice and learn to dance.

4. Exercise besides the fighter practice

*5. Make more Garb for my Daughter

*6. Join the Ymca for my daughter and me (hubby has the school gym)

7. make enough money selling crafts so I do not have to find a job in the new town we live in.

*8. Pack a bento box every day for my daughter so she will eat lunch. She is allergic to almost everything on the menu at school and dislikes the rest or is sick of eating the same two things) I already crafted this resolution and posted it so that's out. I made her a skull and cross bones bag for her lunch.

*9.reconnect with old friends and distant family on face book.

*10.reduce my carbon foot print.

Jan 2010 Crafts To Come.

1.Yarn project bag, With matching tea wallet, and cup cover.

2.Fighting banners for Baronies of the Midlands.

3.More wash clothes

4.Face scrubbies.

5.A Photo shopped Canvas Gift.

6.Leather bound note book.

7.Book marks.

That is all I know that I am doing there will be more but this is on my list of stuff to do.

Happy New Years Every One!

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