Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Presents

Some Christmas Presents. Now that gifts have been safely delivered I can put photos up her.
this is Bill and he is holding his gift it is a bible cover. I used printable fabric and put photos of his whole family living and dead.
I then ironed Plastic over it and I used a black piping to trim it out I used a button with a triscal on it that was gold in color, and red ribbon for the closer. I also added some ribbons to the top to help mark pages because the ones that come in the bibles are never enough. Triskal is a symble that can be used to symoblise the trinidy, red for the blood of Christ. the part facing us in this photo is the inside and the back inside are persons who are dearly departed his first wife is parents his nephew and his friend who was his second wife's husband before he passed away. I hear I did good.

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