Sunday, August 23, 2009

School supplies & X-mas shopping

Despite planning I had to buy school supplies. This year the teachers all wanted individual 1 inch three ring note books. I also had to get a scientific notation calculator for Amber. And Jim Needed spiral bound note book. This is all I have bought though I already had loose leaf paper on hand and pens and Pencils. I did how ever take advantage of the sales to get poster board so I have it when we need it. I am watching the sales for more spiral bound note books for next semester. I have a box with supplies that I keep in the basement for when we need them. I buy generic stuff when I see it on sale or clearanced at a good price. I had to be ready before we left for our trip to AR and NJ because Amber went back to school the next morning when we got back. I also learned my lesson from last year and didn't go by the school supplied list. During registration there was a short list that was made by her teachers available. Jim just gets note books for each class and then sees what he needs later. Amber revived some money from her God mother and she get hair dye. She wanted black but I wouldn't let her go darker then her brow color (which is almost black) then we bleached the tips of her hair all the way around. It was accidentally her fathers idea, he was being sarcastic when he said it. I hope he learns his lesson. I like it. but know she wants to add color to the tips. To do this we will need to bleach out the tips more. but she may not wait for that.
I myself use henna and I add Olive Oil to is to condition my hair even more. It is messy like using finely ground oatmeal on your hair. but I like it and it looks good too.
I am thinking ahead to X-mas. I have to start putting stuff on lay away so we can have a nice holiday. I like the Jesus rule Jesus got three gifts on his birthday. and if it was good enough for him it is good enough for you. and like the tree gifts they represent the same. gold, Frankincense, and Mir. one gift is the thing you really wanted (hence the layaway) one in practical (like mir which is a pain killer) and one has a more spiritual significances. I also have Jim's B-day in Oct and Brad's B-day right after Xmas. so lay away it is. Sears and Walmart do layaway so does Kmart. I will be looking up who else does it. For Amber the list that I will be picking for her big gift is a folding couch for her room so when friend come over they can sleep there, a stereo, or a camera. I am leaning to the stereo because that was her request. She would love an mp3 player with docking station but that is out of my price range and I think she still wants a cd player in it.
I will look aroung at sears while my car is at Fire stone getting and alignment and oil change and the tire rotated. I have life time alignment and rotation at fire stone so I will print a coupon for 10 off the oil change and that is all I will pay for unless a tire needs replacing. I think there is a JC penny's there too so I will see who all has layaway.
While on that side of town I will be stopping at the Asian market to get some chop sticks to cast drop spindles with. But more on that after I make them Tue. I have a long list of things to do first is go to bed. Good night.

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