Thursday, August 27, 2009

Lunches for school

Due to circumstances We currently qualify for free school lunch. However due to food sensitivity we can not take advantage of it. This sucks! but it has taught me how to make a lunch that my Teen will eat. even plan for the month and set up most of the stuff the Sunday afternoon so only the stuff I don't have back up containers for is all set to go.
Example set up:
box on raisins
a chocolate chip granola bar (chewy)
a pack or 1/4 cup all natural made with 100% juice "fruit snack bites"
an all natural Smooched fruit leather
a pudding cup
a apple sauce cup (also all natural)
three fun-size candies
To this will be added
one frozen juice
5or 6 cheese cubes (she like swiss, cheddar, and mozzarella)
pretzel crackers with peanut butter (all natural)
and a fruit ( grapes, pineapple chunks, pears, Apple slices, Strawberries with brown sugar, melon etc.)
veggies she likes green beans fresh, but will take snap peas too, cucumber, pickles etc.
there are a lot of variation.
I try to use reusable containers. but I do start the year cheating which apple sauce in cups.
I count the fruits and veggies to get as many as I can in to her.
the fruit bites and smooched leathers I buy count as a half of fruit each (which is why I buy that brand) Apple sauce is one then she gets one from the fresh or canned fruit, and one from a veggie That make 4 if she eats the rasins that make 5 and I call that a good day. Plus I try to serve her 2 veggies at dinner.
she gets protein from cheese grains from granola, some times from Peanut butter (she doesn't like fruit spread on it)
I am currently shopping for better containers to put Apple sauce and other liquidity foods in that are single serve size. This is not an easy task.
More on this later

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