Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Another day in the wonderful world but...

It wasn't a bad day but I was grumpy. I get that way when My Baby is in pain, she is 13 but she is still my baby.
It started okay at fire stone getting the ball joints done. I was thinking as I walked over to the mall from Firestone about the people driving around trying to find a closer spot. I was thinking that they don't realize how luck they are that they don't need the handicap spaces and how lucky they are to be able to walk. On the way home I realized that the next big fix will be the roaders they are warped this causes a shimmy when I break you feel it in the steering wheel. Not a cheep fix by the time I am done the car will have been rebuild. I hate pouring money into the car like this but I have to make it last. I also need to replace the fuel filter that is $100 and it could use a fluid flush it is at 113000 after all.
Amber's Dr appointment was a waste of time I wish I could just use the ER as her DR. it is better then her Dr He is as good as a nurse practitioner (who are good mind you but are not Dr's) He gave her a script for double strength Alive. He also gave us a referral paper for a Physical therapist which it turns out is useless. they need a prescription for physical therapy and will call us back in two days to to schedule. I hate them all I am calling a new Dr in the morning to move Amber to. He also said that one the strange dark shadow patch isn't anything and that if it was Addison he would be able to tell the second he walked in and then he said he has never seen one patient with Addison. He said what did the RA Dr say to witch I pointed out that she said we are not her problem. I also pointed out that the Endocrinologist thought he should look at it first. When I switch I will ask again. I did have a good dicaution to SCA meeting about thyroid, adrenal and Endocrinology. It seems there are different specialist in the field for example common are thyroid and diabetes specialist but there are thyroid and adrenal ones and it sounds like that may be what Amber need. I hate being on public aid. when Jim had insurance we payed for the top coverage that aloud us to go to what ever Dr we saw fit that took our insurance (or we could file our own paper work) I could cut out and save more money by going directly to the Dr we needed instead of going to the General practitioner who then says, ya you should go to a specialist.
I did more for Amber's stomach by ignoring the stupid Dr's.
Ok lets have a positive day I think I will follow this post with something crafty

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