Sunday, August 30, 2009

Something crafty

Amber forgot the Guitar Pick Bracelet at her friends so I can't photograph it today.
But I said I would put something up that was crafty.
This is a scarf I made last Xmas for my dear pirate friend.
She has been into pirates even before the pirate craze swept the nation. This is the second attempt. The first one I used 1/4 yard pieces this one I switched to 1/8th yard strips, it was much better. It is about 12inches wide minus the seam allowance. I put double fold bias tape at each end.
I used 6 fabrics the five 4 skull and cross bones and a checky then the harlequin on the back. It is extra long so she can wrap it around her head as a hood as well as her neck. I was a lucky break because I had already started making it when her sister told me she was having trouble finding her a scarf for Xmas that was long enough. It was good timing because I was going to cut it down because I was afraid it was to long. I used the Diamond pattern from the back to quilt the fabric.
it is subtle and it adds a thickness with out the extra layer. I am making myself one it is half done. It is a level of funky
that when paired with a nice outfit, fits well like a funky tie
on a man in a nice dress shirt. If I thought that cotton would make a nice tie I would make one like this.

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