Saturday, August 29, 2009

Guitar picks and Pot Roast

Amber and I hung out today we went to the mall. She got a new tu-tu and some other things. we were looking at bracelets she got dome jelli ring ones ( the same ones we wore in the 80's) and we say some guitar pick necklaces. She said she didn't want that when we had the rainbow of picks at home we bought to make her a bracelet that was unique. So I was feeling guilty that we got them before school let out in the Spring. So I make her the bracelet. It is looser then I would have liked but she wanted 7 colors and we had to reduce it to 6 so it wouldn't fall off her wrist. It is nice though if I do say myself. I gave it to her before taking a photo, so if she doesn't lose it, I will take a photo of it and posted it here tomorrow.
Today was pot roast for dinner even with the weather still being warm during the day it was nice. Even Amber ate it. so Tomorrow I will turn it into strogonoff. I still have not figured out what to serve with it. I also pulled the chicken out so it can defrost and be ready for Monday.
I will try and take photos of craft projects finished and in progress tomorrow and post them.

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