Sunday, August 23, 2009

Family and Friends Holiday gifts.

With x-mas coming I am also thinking of gifts for the family and friends but that are practical and cheep. My Friend Val says she can help me make a cook book card. She is good with the graphic designing but we will have to see what time she has, as she is a single mom and just started back to collage and takes care of her mom. But if she thinks it is fun then it is relaxing and I won't feel bad about her helping. I am also croqueting for people wash\dish clothes and car cup cozies they work great, and maybe the head band or two. I am always looking for the cotton yarn on sale and clearance. I had planned on going to a wedding over x-mas but life was not fair to my friend and it has been put on hold while her love get chemo. But we have decided to stay home and not travel. Brad will be home for the holiday and we will just hang her in E-Ville.

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