Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tune up and tires and ER's Oh my

Well my week is fuller then expected. I spent 6 hours yesterday at Firestone and was then suppose to go back today but Amber had a trip to the ER for the back. I walked all around the out side of the Mall while waiting for the car they did the struts and springs and two new tires. now they have to re replace the ball joint that was bad. they replaced the ball joints in june but one of the parts must have been defective. All this was when I just thought I needed an oil change and a tire rotation and and alignment. But I payed to find out why it went out of alignment so fast and had a shimmy well did I ever find out. I payed 1300 in June and now 966 I think the car has more in parts and labor then it is worth but it needs to last for 3 more years. and the best cars are old ones that run good even if they aren't blue book at high value. it has over 113000 mile on it I got it at 33000 in 03 and it is an 01 Ford Taurus. Whats more is it gets better gas mileage know then it did when I got it.I get about 26 mile to the Gallon or better on trips.
I have the oil changed and the tire rotated every 6000 miles. ( I use high mileage oil) My June bill was the master cylinder. when in there for my oil change I asked them to find out why the brake fluid was leaking I had to add more because it had gotton so low and I could see the leak (thought slow) And new ball joints with an alignment. I rotated the tires but the bad front end already did there damage and so this time I replaced thought tires. I should mention for the prices I pay I get life time alignment and tire rotations. Which is why I daon't skimp on the tire rotation. and that I drive to NJ and AR at least once a year each. every time they rotate my tires they check my breaks. This time I payed they 21.95 and had the 21 point inspection and they found out I had a busted spring. You always do them in pairs and the set of springs and struts are cheaper then separate and it is not a great Idea to do one and not the other if you want them to last. the Ball joint is being warrantied out so that is free. But it still takes 3 hours. That was what I planed to do this morning.
Jim woke me up because Amber wouldn't get up because she said her backs hips and knees hurt.
I decided to take her to the pediatric ER at Cardinal Glennon Because all of her tests and xrays are there. They rocked! Amber said "wow that was the best answer from a Dr in a long time" We get a lot of I don't know and lets wait and see. they want her to see a physical therapist and take anti inflammatory. She is off Gym and Marching band till cleared from the Therapist, and she start using a wheeled back pack (I got clearance for her to store it when she needs to in a teacher because it won't fit in her locker). Also just to see if it is adding to the problem she is to get a bra fitting. The Dr thinks that we were treating the pain but that was masking what was causing it till she really pushed herself to much to the piont that pain killers wouldn't work any more.
It's like twisting your ankle then taking pain killers and going jogging. You will probably make it worst. So we are happy to have a direction.
So tomorrow I will be back at Fire stone in the morning and at Amber's Dr in the afternoon.
I have to go figure out diner now because we have SCA tonight and I am casting drop spindles out of Pewter. Yay!

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