Thursday, September 3, 2009

condoms and other giggly things.

Ok now lets start with a flash back to 2nd or 3rd grade.
Amber Got a bus referral then for handing out paper on the bus. there was a paper fight going on and so she wasn't throwing it, Because she knew she would get in trouble for that. We had the talk about contributing to the delinquency of others. I even used drug dealers as an example. Jim thought this was a bit much but hey that is me.
Now Flash forward to this morning Amber has been brought in to the office because yesterday a friend of hers was caught blowing up condoms at school and they say they got them from Her. Ok She was smart enough to not have gotten caught her self but they still get her with a lecture for inappropriate stuff at school, and contributing to the delinquency of others. After school how ever she was blowing them up too just not at school or on school property. She was quite mad at the person who finger pointed because she would never have been in any kind of trouble had she not been pointed out. Whats more she says she didn't give them to her, that the kid took them with out permission With out her knowledge. I believe her because of the student in question has a history of lying. When asked about were she got them the answer was a friend who doesn't go to the school (whom I also know). And that they blow them up. This doesn't surprise be she also took most of my rubber gloves from my first aid kit. It seems Sierra may have gotten them from Planed parent hood. This also explains the condoms that I see at the library park. I did have a talk with her about littler, and not bringing such things to school. Oh to be a kid. Jim of course is telling me that his best friend Jason put a condom on the drinking fountain in JH so There are no new things just new generations.
It also reminds me When our son got in trouble for taking all of the balls out of the Mice in the computer lab. They only could get him on stealing because he put the balls in his locker. I thought that he would have been better to have put them in the bottom draw of the teachers desk. but to little to late.

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  1. Jon and Bit used to fill condoms with warm water, draw faces on them, and then play like the condoms were babies, as in, "condom babies." That cracked me up.