Monday, September 7, 2009

Magazines 2-3

The 2nd magazine I receive in the mail is Real Simple.
This has all kinds of things in it. It was though this magazine that I found a recyled packing box company. They sell boxes that were used abut are still good. they shipped them for free and I got tham as moving kits so there was tape, marker, news print paper and a tape gun included. I moved my whole house for $178 in boxes and I didn't have to drive back and fourth to get them.
They test things and tell you what every one liked and why.
They have some new clothing trends and where to get them and the prices. They also have new uses for things. I is just a cool read for the every day person.
My 3rd Magazine I receive in the mail is Readers Digest. I will never out grow this one this read. I say that because I spent long weeks grounded at my grandmothers and she had all the back issues, all the way back to 1958 I got to live the moon landing thought them. and everything. Which was cool as a kid. I also read all her Helpful hints from Heloise which explains a lot of other things about me too.

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